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Somehow, you ended up of this Blog, dedicated to our experiences with KaliX, our X-Yachts X4³ which we sail in the Med.

Although the Blog is live, there is limited material posted at this time: I am experimenting with the overall setup and preparing the first posts. But expect to see movement before the end of 2018 as we start exploring areas that are in focus at this time: teething problems following the delivery, advances in the calibration and use of the B&G navigation system, performance and behaviour of the yacht – as well as pictures and accounts that mark our relationship with KaliX.

[01.12.2018] Consider the Li-ion battery issues fixed!

[14.11.2018] And now the “Dear X-Yachts” page is being populated

[10.11.2018] Have a look at the “Known Issues” page which we are starting to populate…

[06.11.2018] Launched the Blog

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