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Dear X-Yachts

This is a page used to compile a list of suggestions for X-Yachts’ consideration.

X4³ Design

In my view, X-Yachts really nailed the perfect balance between performance and comfort with the X4³. So what follows are second-order issues compared to the fundamentals, but as you will no doubt realise some really need a proper fix.

  • Large bathing platform. Perhaps this needs a full article; suffice it to say here that the current platform is too heavy, way too hard to operate and does not have appropriate locking pins. The bathing ladder needs to be built into the platform.

Options and improvements

  • Third reef. I had KaliX geared up with three reefs upfront. Pretty essential in the Med where the wind can suddenly and unexpectedly increase by two levels on the Beaufort scale. It took some planning and coordination around the boom, mast, pianos, roof winches… Not a standard option for an X4³, but X-Yachts and Axxon agreed to the request without any issue. Given that KaliX sails great if the first reef is taken at round 14 knots already, the three reefs are definitely required.
  • Inner stay. As a complement to the third reef in the main, KaliX is fitted with a removable inner stay. The furled genoa doesn’t do a good job beating into heavy winds, obviously because it’s on a furler, but mainly because the genoa tracks do not go far enough past the mast. The tracks could not be extended forward, so it had to be the inner stay. X-Yachts were less than keen on this request, but eventually delivered. One outstanding issue is that the large fixed deck metal fitting is a threat to crew toes and knees. I am looking into the options to change this into some form of D-ring. I am surprised that I am apparently the only one to have requested an inner stay sail.

Other subjects

  • X-Yachts Customer Support. The technical work is very good, but direct communication didn’t seem to be X-Yachts’ strength. Once the contact is established, however, technical abilities can be leveraged to their full. Most satisfying.
  • X-Yachts enjoy a very strong and loyal customer base; it doesn’t seem that this is being channelled into improving existing lines and creating new ones.
  • One of the areas this Blog is attempting to address is sharing tips, fixes and solutions for issues affecting X4³’s. Should X-Yachts participate directly on this Blog?

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