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Dear X-Yachts

This is a page used to compile a list of suggestions for X-Yachts’ consideration.

X4³ Design

In my view, X-Yachts really nailed the perfect balance between performance and comfort with the X4³. So what follows are second-order issues compared to the fundamentals, but as you will no doubt realise some really need a proper fix.

  • Large bathing platform. Maybe this needs a full article; suffice it to say here that the current platform is too heavy, way too difficult to operate and does not have appropriate locking pins. The bathing ladder needs to be built into the platform.

Other subjects

  • X-Yachts Customer Support. The technical work may be very good, most of the time, but improving communication with existing customers would help.
  • At the same time, X-Yachts enjoy a very strong and loyal customer base – are they being consulted in a structured manner to improve new yachts?
  • Knowledge sharing. One of the areas this Blog is attempting to address is sharing tips, fixes and solutions for issues affecting X4³’s. Should X-Yachts participate directly on this Blog?



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