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In 2016, I started a Blog to share information, tips and experiences about the BMW 225xe, a very special plug-in hybrid vehicle. At the time, information was scanty and even dealers were just getting up to speed with the new line of hybrids. As I managed to gain some understanding that answered many of the questions that I had before deciding to buy the car, it only felt natural to share this with prospective buyers. The success of the Blog exceeded my expectations and surprised me, drawing interest from buyers and owners. I stopped writing after one year as I felt that I had covered most of the areas I had intended to – and a few more! – but trafic is still high and the original publications are still considered useful by many.

Which brings us to this Blog. I didn’t expect I would create one for the X4³ that we acquired in 2018, but here we are… As it turns, there are a number of questions I had difficulties getting answered and there are many subject matters that took me a while to get a grip on. I found satisfactory answers for a number, others are still left unanswered and are being worked. Being our first yacht, the learning curve is steep and the field is broad so this is obviously an ongoing process. Chances are that among these subjects, there will be a few that will also be of interest to others, whilst interaction with other sailors and X4³ owners may provide useful insights and help everyone make the most of this exceptional yacht.

There are two triggers that drove me to start this Blog.

One is the difficulties I faced calibrating and tuning the B&G H5000 system that I chose for KaliX. Mainly because I was not getting much support. The more I dug into the matter, the more I realised that as I wasn’t alone in that situation, even among more experienced sailors that race occasionally. I persevered and am starting to see the light. I am hoping that what I will soon be able to share will be of use to some and that others will contribute their experience too.

The other trigger is that KaliX has grown through her teething issues, as any boat owner would expect. But initially, I didn’t find many owners prepared to discuss that freely. So I decided to share our experience, again with the intent to help others and the hope to receive useful advice. As it turns out, other owners are starting to get in touch to share their own stories… We are not alone! The good news is that it is all being fixed.

Let’s see how this goes…


By the way, I should mention that I have no commercial interest whatsoever in the companies that I mention in this Blog, starting with X-Yachts. I receive no financial support in any form and I do not use your contributions, e-mail addresses etc. in other ways than to improve the content, use and quality of this Blog.

This also means that I share information to the best of my knowledge and ability, without any guaranty of correctness or accuracy. “Use at your own risk” as they say.

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