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Known Issues

This page lists issues that are known to have affected X4³’s, including KaliX.

Because most owners prefer to be discrete about problems on their yachts, especially if they are not solved yet, I am generally informed by private messages, e-mail, WhatsApp or SMS as well as direct conversations. That’s just as well since the intent of this page is to make each other aware of (potential) issues so we can avoid complications, and most importantly to spread solutions.

This list provides a brief description of issues encountered; when topics warrant it and time permits, a dedicated post may follow.

Colour coding the issues

Means that the matter is pretty much closed, although you may still be facing the issue. At least, there is a known official fix.

This indicated that the matter has been acknowledge by the responsible party (generally X-Yachts, but could also be a supplier). However there is no official solution. At  best, there may be a workaround or an unofficial fix (published below if known).

The issue has not been acknowledged as such by X-Yachts and/or there suppliers. Here too, there may be an unofficial fix or workaround (published below if known).

Issue switching gear into reverse – Yanmar engine

Occasionally slow, difficult or even impossible to switch from forward to reverse on Yanmar engines. Will give you a scare if it happens – could lead to more serious consequences in adverse conditions. Mechanical issue fixed by Yanmar on all new engines. If unsure, contact Yanmar for a fix, free if under warranty. Known to have affected 4JH45 and 4JH57 until about Q3 2017.

Keel Sump Pump keeps switching on

After emptying the sump, the pump will stop pumping as expected. However, liquid will slowly trickle back into the sump from the exhaust line, causing the pump to re-activate within a minute or so: a never-ending cycle has just started.  This is probably due to fouling of the non-return valve(s). In the best case, it just causes noise disturbance. But it could also drain your battery or simply wear out the pump prematurely. Turning the pump off and leaving it to manual activation isn’t safe, especially if the yacht is left unattended.

Some owners have reported success simply by replacing the non-return valve and/or the pump, like-for-like. Others are still waiting for an official solution from X-Yachts. Note: this is a setup with a submersible 800 GPH Rule pump coupled to a Water Witch 217 switch.

Large bathing platform dysfunctional

The large bathing platform is generally known to be heavy and difficult to operate. But it has also been reported that it will get stuck, requiring significant force to operate, or even dismounting altogether. Damage on the hinges has been reported after a splice on one of the two lines holding the platform in the open position yielded.

Even when operating “normally”, it should be noted that there is only a small cam-cleat to lock the heavy platform in its upward position. Finally,  you may want to tie the ladder to the yacht to avoid losing it altogether.

Halyards and sheets bulging

The Liros Racer halyards and sheets (ref. 02001) that were provided by X-Yachts started showing bulges that result from relative movement between the cover and the core. Not pleasant after just 4-5 weeks of sailing, albeit intense at times. The few initial bulges rapidly multiplied and affect the main and genoa halyards and the genoa sheets. X-Yachts consider that this equipment is perfectly adequate for the yacht. Whilst the Liros selection charts support this position, it doesn’t say that the lines should bulge… I need to get in touch with Liros directly.

Li-ion battery – charge and self-discharge issues

The issues that affected the 160 Ah Li-FePO4 are now fixed! I had made a series of charge / discharge / self-discharge measurements that highlighted lower than expected performance for autonomy, charge rate and self-discharge.

I’ll write a specific article on this topic. Let’s just say here that both Super B and X-Yachts have been very responsive and helpful. The fixes involved a combination of re-programming and re-wiring a relay. The battery is now capable of delivering its full potential and ready to benefit from the solar panels.

Windlass not operating every time

This is an issue that can be treacherous. With the main windlass breakers both on and  obviously the appropriate electrical panel switch on as well, the windlass may or may not operate; depending on circumstances, this can rapidly develop into a problematic or even unsafe situation. The trick is to trip the main windlass breakers (disconnect and reconnect both of them) systematically before even attempting to operate the windlass. After doing that, we have never experienced any problem. X-Yachts have agreed to repack the breakers.

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